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How It Works

We refresh our catalog based on users’ preferences

Once in the flow, always click “Reduce” to move forward

Don’t pay full or don’t pay at all!

We've rewarded over 1,2mil people to date

Worthy of your attention

Madai makes it possible for you to create discounts you cannot find elsewhere. You will participate in our partner surveys, donate or perform other actions available.

None of your personal data is ever captured or used in any other way than to deliver your voucher or gift card.

We strive to reward people the value they deserve for their attention – because your attention is worth something

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Outstanding Benefits

Madai Outstanding Benefits

Use Madai anytime, as many times you want

Use Madai in your downtime, right before you shop online or whenever you feel like saving.

Premium gift cards always discounted

Madai offers premium, new gift cards at a discounted price. Don’t pay full ever again!

Discount your gift card up to 99%

With Madai, you can discount your e-gift card up to 99%.

No need to reach for your wallet

Simply cash out your discount with Madai’s We Pay You option.

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People like to feel appreciated

We value user attention and we believe that a reward like ours should be a standard.

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