Business Solutions

We motivate real human actions, drive engagement, grab attention & boost sales.
Madai demo
When user interaction is powered by Madai, each of their actions generates a visible, progressive & real time discount on a product they want – encouraging further interaction and satisfaction.
A brand using Madai can choose any set of user actions they can benefit from; survey, brand education, video views or donations.
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The Swedish-Italian fashion brand AVAVAV had launched a research campaign where their customers answered brand survey in exchange for real time discounts on brand's gift card. AVAVAV obtained customer opinions in real time, engagement and additional sales.
Market segments in which we incentivise & reward

Rewarding worthy of real users

Market Research

We currently partner global market research leaders looking to obtain real human respondents, higher higher data quality and low reconciliation rate*.

We incentivise real respondents online, in real time, benefitting online communities (publishers) who are looking to monetise and respondents who are looking for great rewards.

*Madai reconciliation rate has been maintained below 1%.


We have helped a number of global brands obtain key marketing KPI’s and build rapport while their users enjoy a discounted shopping experience rich with value, all seamlessly facilitated by Madai’s proprietary platform.

  • We turn user attention into real time discounts on products users love.
  • Brands want to engage directly with the consumer & access the right data.
  • Consumers want to feel rewarded for their attention.

Publishers & online communities

We help publishers and online communities monetize their traffic. We connect their users to our market research partners surveys, offering actions through which they can obtain real time discounts on gift cards they want or publisher subscription.

Non Profits

We imagined a world where people receive something back each time they contribute. then we realized it. MadaiAid takes you into the world where people are; marketing investment and consumers online. We incentivize people to give by reaching out through a simple link.