Earn even when your audience is not buying!

We pay commission on the gift card sale price AND the amount users cash out.

Madai Affiliation Program

In short

We are a tech company that rewards user attention.

We offer users a possibility to create discounts on premium gift cards, buy them at a discounted price or cash out the discount created, not paying at all.

Madai Amazon

Key reasons to start promoting Madai

Unleash your creativity & inspire your audience

Madai Affiliate program offers you the opportunity to promote a range of premium gift cards your audience can purchase at a discounted price or not pay at all!

Choose a gift card that aligns with the products you already promote, such as Amazon, or simply drive your audience to Madai.com to select the option that best works for them.

Earn even when your audience is not buying

Commission on the amount users cash out OR discounted gift card sale price.

Commission where usually not offered

Competitive commission rates on premium brand gift cards where commission generally doesn’t apply.

An open and flexible commercial structure

So long as it is performance based (no flat fees) and meeting ROI targets, we’d love to hear your ideas!

``Madai`` the price down

Step 2

Once you’re in the flow, always click on Reduce. With each click you will see the gift card price drop. After a few clicks you will be connected to our survey partners or other actions available.

As you continue interacting, your price will drop.

Madai discounts

Cash out or buy a gift card for less

Step 3

Once you are happy with your price, you can;

a) If you have chosen the Discount & Cash Out option simply cash out the value you have generated. Our team will send you an Amazon voucher equal to the amount you have discounted.

b) If you have chosen Discount & Buy For Less option, decide when the price is right for you and proceed with the purchase. If you decide to buy at a later time, be sure to register to preserve your discount.

Madai Outstanding Benefits

Ready to Madai a price down?



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