About Madai

A tech company that rewards user actions online with progressive discounts.

for users

Madai enables real time, progressive monetary benefits that are easy and fun to obtain, anytime from anywhere. We have built our technology with users in mind and we believe that user attention should be generously rewarded.

Value for brands and business

Madai is a smart platform that uses its proprietary technology to reward users online in real time with progressive discounts based on targeted brand actions. Brands drive key marketing KPI’s and build rapport while users enjoy a discount shopping experience rich with value, all seamlessly facilitated by Madai’s proprietary platform.
An engagement booster

We've helped deliver results to a variety of brands

While we are actively partnering with market research companies our platform has been used in custom campaigns for a variety of global brands.

We have delivered hours of attention, engagement, increased sales and driven donations for notable charities.

CrowdRewarding™, our proprietary algorithm, Madai’s secret sauce

How we deliver results

What happens on madai.com? A user comes and chooses a gift card, such as Amazon. They perform a few actions and in moments see the price of the gift card drop substantially.
Let’s take a look at what enables a significant real time discount and motivates user actions using the story of a woodpecker.

The story behind the woodpecker revolves around a simple analogy – where the woodpecker represents the user. In nature, a woodpecker bird goes to a tree and pecks away but doesn’t necessarily make a hole right away. This bird leaves and another one comes along and starts to peck. The second bird eventually leaves and lastly a third bird begins to peck and finally breaks through the bark and creates a hole.

This interaction symbolizes Madai and its users who create value simply by interacting. The more users interact, the faster they discount the gift card. Someone eventually makes it through the bark and makes a purchase (that can be at any price they choose). Then, “the hole” closes back up (gift card returns to starting price) for the next set of users to begin the pecking/discount journey all over again!

Improving respondents’ experience

Where we are currently delivering results

We connect publishers to the $89.8Bn market research industry.

At the moment, we link to bespoke, high earning, market research projects and the largest programmatic market research marketplaces, such as Lucid (a Cint Group company), our global partner.

Our proprietary profiling tool ensures users are matched with the best possible experience in real time, providing publishers with the best opportunity to monetize their attention.

We aim to make surveys available to anyone, anywhere, through a simple link. Real humans incentivized to participate in market research and rewarded on the spot.

Madai for Mashable
Ziff Davis had successfully launched the offering on both Mashable.com and PCmag.com, in both cases seeing improved click-through rates on their call-to-actions.